Friday, January 15, 2016

5 Quick and Easy Paleo Diet Plan Breakfast Ideas

It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the latest research shows why it’s so important on the paleo diet plan.

Research(pdf) done at the University of Illinois shows that having at least 30 grams of protein at two or more meals, with an emphasis on breakfast, increases satiety, weight loss and combats the effects of aging. source

So what are the best quick and easy breakfast ideas to help you reach this goal?…

#1 Bacon & Eggs…

Two to three eggs plus three to four slices of bacon should easily see you reach your 30 grams of protein in the morning and is by far my favourite breakfast.

Enjoy your eggs boiled, fried, scrambled or poached.  This should take you less than 10 minutes to make.

If you find this a lot to eat you can substitute an egg or slice of bacon by making scrambled egg with some greek yogurt and added cheese to up the protein (if you eat and can tolerate dairy).

I love my bacon and eggs accompanied by a slice or two of tomato and fried mushrooms (and sometimes a good quality sausage).  Add a mug of good coffee and you truly have the breakfast of champions.

#2 Leftovers…

Breakfast is just another meal and there is absolutely no law saying you can’t eat what you would eat at any other time.

So if you have any meat and veg leftover from the night before, there is nothing wrong with keeping it in the fridge and spinning it out with a couple of eggs or even tossing into a quick omelette for breakfast the next day.

A tip is to deliberately make too much the night before and chop an extra little veg so you have some leftovers ready for a quick and easy breakfast the next morning.

Have some pre-prepared boiled eggs in the fridge that can be quickly shelled and chopped as a quick and easy accompaniment.

#3 Fish…

Breakfast makes an ideal opportunity to eat some fish to up your omega-3 intake and get some quality protein into your diet.

You can poach or fry a fillet in some butter and squeeze some fresh lemon juice over it.  Or how about some smoked salmon wrapped around balls of cream cheese – beats corn flakes any day of the week.

Canned salmon, sardines or mackerel are also a great and quick way to enjoy fish – just make sure they are canned in olive oil or brine and not vegetable oil.

# 4 Liver…

I know not everyone loves liver, but it truly is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat and is ideal and recommended for a quick breakfast at least once a week.

Try gently frying in butter along with some onion and bacon for a tasty way to enjoy your liver.

I have to admit my favourite way to eat liver is to make a paté beforehand and eat it with carrot sticks, an avocado salad and handful of almonds.

#5 Protein Shake…

I would always recommend eating whole foods over resorting to smoothies or shakes.  However, sometimes I know it can be difficult to eat the recommended amount of protein in the morning if you’re in a rush or just not very hungry.

On balance I would say if it came down to having a protein shake or having no breakfast at all, I’d go for the protein shake.  Better still, try to eat at least something and use the protein shake in addition to bring you up to the recommended minimum protein amount.

Choose an unsweetened whey protein powder.  When I have a shake I also add some coconut milk powder for extra healthy fat and fibre.  If you feel you do need to sweeten your shake, try adding half a teaspoon of sugar-free jelly powder for a fruity take on things.

So there you have it, five quick and easy ways at breakfast to feel fuller longer, lose weight and stay strong into old age.

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